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A safe and productive community of practice for operational leaders and lead practitioners to learn and apply personalized asset management and operational excellence skills


We provide knowledge as a service through our curated body of knowledge applied to learning, coaching, and advising


Learning Community

Our online community was built for our leaders to learn with incredible efficiency and effectiveness. We strive for breadth and depth of knowledge. We develop a personal relationship with everyone in our community so they can get the most from their investment.

PATREON is a tiered subscription membership service platform where ScioAM will provide premium body of knowledge content as a construct in an active community with premium articles, blog posts, group learning, podcasts, live events, etc. Join our community to supercharge your competencies!

MEDIUM is a platform for high quality articles with fresh and interesting ideas and perspectives. Clap for ScioAM pieces if you enjoy our pieces and we get paid.

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Coaching & Advisory Services

For leaders wanting personalized coaching and advisory services we will work one-on-one to create a safe space to learn and apply your competencies.

Many leaders want personalized coaching and advisory services to help them develop their competencies. They invest in us and we invest in them to continuously improve themselves. Our coaching is tailored to meet their asset management and operational excellence needs for each leader.

Our coaching model has you bring your experience, style and business challenges. We bring the best practices, coaching skills and a framework where we learn and test your new competencies. Our 80% SOLUTION is a construct for discussion and debate to determine what works for our leaders and their business. The resulting MASHUP is a skillset more than the sum of its parts.

Our coaching and advice is personal, safe and confidential.


Paul Daoust

Founder and Managing Director, Scio Asset Management

I launched Scio Asset Management to help courageous leaders in asset intensive industries develop their competencies to add value to their careers and the organizations they serve. In my career spanning almost 30 years I've worked to master asset management first developing an asset-centric perspective, next a business-centric perspective and finally an organizational people-centric perspective.

Life long learning is in my DNA. My greatest gift has been the ability to learn from others. I've been transformed from my relationships with experts from the shop floor to the C-suite. I've cultivated my network of recognized industry leaders and collected mentors, advisors and an executive coach on my journey.

I am so fortunate to have been able count on my coach, advisors, colleagues and friends in my professional and personal network to help develop the competencies I have in my career. Now I want to help others develop their own competencies with incredible efficiency and effectiveness.



We respect the leader who wants to improve themselves and their competencies. We value diversity in opinion and experience and we encourage discourse while all our fellow community members respect each other.


Where curiosity and knowledge intersect. Constantly seek to learn and apply knowledge, continuously improving ourselves and our businesses. Our community seeks the most effective and efficient ways for our leaders to apply management principles and practices.

Critical Thought

We value people's ability to form judgements on sound analysis and evaluation. We hold strong opinions weakly. We build a construct as an 80% solution to start discussion and debate to determine works for our leaders.


We say what we do, and we do what we say. We have our members interests in the forefront and deliver extraordinary value.


Leaders who embrace the unknown, face their fears, seek to understand what they don’t know and acknowledge what they need to know.


A safe community for members to work on their own personal competencies in a group or private setting.